Windows 'longhorn' 2008 a new begining

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Windows 'longhorn' 2008 a new begining

Post by bb5g4 on Sat 19 Jan 2008, 17:31

Hi All,

i'd like to share with all my trip to Berlin, Germany. It was a very informative and worth to attend Microsoft Summit Convention with a lots of opportunities and promise the Microsoft has to introduce with new products.

The latest O/S that was launched by Miscrosoft is the Windows Server 2008 code 'Longhorn", SQL 2008, Microft Dynamix and lots of flavours to make IT pro swings Like a Star @ heaven off their limits beyond expectation.

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Re: Windows 'longhorn' 2008 a new begining

Post by mlepana on Thu 07 Feb 2008, 15:55

Hi Sir,

I received a Technical Training from Microsoft, it include the Microsoft Press E-Book Introducing Windows Server 2008 - Chapters 1-5. I will be in the class tomorrow.



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