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network connection not connected Empty network connection not connected

Post by fernandotarala on Tue 25 Dec 2007, 15:35

Dear Sir,

I have problem in network connection in our PC, nagpalit po ako ng bagong harddisk then naginstall ako ng bagong OS XP, but the old internet connection is wireless. then ng mag open na sa windows nakalagay wireless network detected pero d sya makapasok, Saaan ba sir ako mag set-up para makaconnect ulit at yung printer namin ay wire conection din.

Fernando Tarala


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network connection not connected Empty network wireless connection

Post by Admin on Tue 25 Dec 2007, 15:56

Hello Fernan,
I doubt you're using ADSL OK?. Now, for you to connect to DSL line, you should either your PC directly connected to DSL port. In this case, make sure that your DSL modem support upto number of PC you want to share - this means that you have (a) define IP address in the DSL modem) upto range of number of PC you like (b) make sure that there's no defined IP address in the PC (sets to dynamic) (b) disable or uninstalled internal modem.

Now, Your PC has wireless card? in this case you can connect to yr DSL line by configuring yr DSL modem to accept wireless PC.

regards and good luck cat affraid

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